Radio Forecast Network

Justin has worked for Accuweather reading weather forecasts, as well as marine forecasts and lottery number updates(that was fun). He has been working for the Radio Forecast Network for over two years now delivering daily weather forecasts to radio and television stations across the US.

He can currently be heard on the following stations: (Sample forecast)

WJEC FM, Lamar, AL                                                                WCSN FM, Mobile, AL

WNTP AM, Philadelphia, PA                                                  KFLP AM and FM, Lubbock, TX

KLOA AM and FM, Los Angeles, CA                                    WVLY AM, Wheeling, WV

KMAX AM, Pullman, WA                                                         WMGR AM, Tallahassee, FL

WTGG FM, New Orleans, LA                                                    and on TV stations:

WSCY FM, Concord, NH                                                            NKT, Knoxville, OH

WCCI FM, Savannah, IL                                                             CW50, Lafayette, LA

KRRR FM, Cheyenne, WY

WKJX FM, Naggs Head, NC


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